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Virtual Boxing Classes Online. Train At Home.

Get Addicted

Team Hazardous Boxing and Fitness Online is designed to help beginners and advanced boxers with limited time get the interactive training they need to stay sharp and get a great workout. Now you can train at home and follow along. Learn from certified trainers who are also experienced boxers. No frills, just real training.

Train Anywhere With Live Instructors

Live Classes and Instructors

Our classes are always live sessions with instructors and your fellow team members. We believe having live instructors ensures proper technique and true interaction.


Learn Boxing Online

Train at home or anywhere you can use a smartphone, computer, or laptop. Our training is a great compliment to what you can do in the gym or on your own. Boxing is a great full body workout.


Training for All

TH Boxing Online is training for every kind of athlete. All levels of fitness are welcome and we encourage everyone to get involved and get the most out of each training session.


No equipment needed

Our training is focused on using your bodyweight, cardio, and boxing technique. Although you can use additional equipment it is not required.


What do you need

All you need to train is comfortable workout gear and good internet connection. The rest is up to us.


What you will learn

You will get in shape using solid fitness principles and learn basic to advanced boxing techniques. We will teach you in a way that is simple yet challenging.

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