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Personal Training & Private Boxing Lessons

Private boxing lessons and personal training is a great way to get training that is tailored to your individual fitness level. Learn proper technique, gain skills, and get in great shape. Our training is not a fitness only focused training. We use our boxing experience to help you. You will learn and train like a real fighter but as we know boxers and martial artists are in great shape by default and so will you.


Coach Jason and his team are knowledgeable and experienced boxers, trainers, and fitness professionals that can help you. 

Benefits of Training:

Learn Different Training Styles
Get In Supreme Shape Through Cross-Training
Become More Disciplined
Become A More Well-Rounded Athlete
Keep Your Body Guessing

Due to Covid-19 we are training outdoors for all our training services until further notice. However, we are also offering virtual training online. Please inquire about which service you are interested in.

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