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Why Shadowboxing Is Important

Shadowing boxing for a boxer is like therapy. It allows you to get into your own thoughts and work on almost all the things you've done in the gym if planned properly. Another benefit is not taking the impact while still getting to work on your skills, strength, and cardio. You get all of this while not requiring any equipment to get a great workout.

They key things to do is making sure you are specific with your shadowboxing agenda. Try to steer away from unrealistic movements. Work on combos you would use in sparring or fights and get to work. This is a great time to work on your jab and conditioning your hands to stay up. You can also add very light weights to help with that.

Here is list of things to note for your shadowboxing workout:

  • Use proper footwork

  • Use realistic combinations

  • Keep it simple and don't do anything crazy

  • Use real combinations and be repetitive to sharpen up

  • Keep your defense up like an opponent is in front of you

  • Practice your weakest areas

  • Don't hyperextend your safe

  • Follow the boxing timer

  • Mix in some exercises like pushups, squats, and crunches

  • Experiment

Here is a great video on tips and drills to work on

So what are some of things that you do work on your shadowboxing?

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