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BOXING IN THE PARK | Aug 8th 12-2pm | Tips For Beginner Boxers

Since the beginning of the Covid 19 Pandemic we haven't been in the gym or outdoors for any activities for quite some time. I'm very excited to have the Boxing in the Park on August 8th and gather the team back together for a day of fun and exercise. Although Team Hazardous is a boxing-centric program we also emphasis fitness, health, and teamwork along with it. There will be always be something for every level of the everyday athlete.

Most of the attendees who are not regular members of our program are likely beginner boxers so I wanted to share some tips to help them feel comfortable.

Keep It Simple

Don't feel that you have to know all things at once or anything at all for that matter. Just absorb the teachings and take it one step at a time. The basics are always the most important even for the advanced athlete.

Be Safe

Safety is our #1 concern. The goal is to learn, be active, and safe. This means (a) social distancing as much as possible, (b) wearing a mask as much as you can, (c) use hand sanitizer, and (d) have plenty of drinking water to stay cool and hydrated.

Here is some old videos of outdoor training.

If you don't subscribe to our YouTube channel I encourage you to stay up to date with us.

Ask Questions

Feel free to ask your trainers questions and build a rapport with them. We are here to help. Every question is important and valued. It may also point something out from another team member that is thinking about the same question. Don't be shy.

Have Fun

Most important in this guide is having lots of fun. Yes, we want it to be challenging but without the aspect of enjoyment it will be lost. Team Hazardous is about building a community of wellness. We just use boxing, fitness, martial arts, and more as the medium to deliver on this.

If you haven't signed up for Boxing In Park go to

Online Boxing Training

For some outdoor training is just not possible for various reason. Maybe time is limited or your obligations keep you indoors. We are now offering live streamed online classes every Wednesday at 8pm and Saturday at 10am via Zoom. We use a mix of boxing and fitness to teach you right from your home. You don't need any equipment but if you have any you are welcome to use it.

To learn more go to I look forward to training with you outdoors or online. See you soon.

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