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Things to do in Jersey City | Team Hazardous :: Boxing In The Park

Activities for kids and adults alike are important for physical activity, fitness, and stress relief. Boxing is a great way to learn a skill while getting in great shape. If you're local to Jersey City read on to learn about how we can help.

Boxing Class in Jersey City

Boxing In the Park at Lincoln Park in Jersey City

Team Hazardous Boxing

Team Hazardous is a boxing program based in Jersey City. I started it back January 2015 in the midst of my own amateur boxing and martial arts career. After years of training, sparring, and competing, I decided to pass on the knowledge through coaching and help others lead a healthy lifestyle through the sport.

Since March 2020, Team Hazardous has moved our training program to a seasonal outdoor training schedule running from Spring through Fall with a Winter recess. Covid-19 hit all businesses hard but we responded by altering our environment from the boxing gym to the park. Our training is held at Lincoln Park in Jersey City, NJ.

Boxing Classes in Jersey City

Our boxing classes are designed to train every level of athlete from the beginner to the advanced.

Team Hazardous Boxing in the Park

Our philosophy is a heavy emphasis on the fundamentals while making progressions on those principles to increase the level of mastery.

Most of our clients may never attempt to compete but they have all learned an important aspect of self defense that they will carry with them for life.

Boxing for kids and anti-bullying

I believe kids learn the most from boxing. They learn self defense, get important physical activity, and build confidence.

Bullying is a relevant topic in our society and there has been many unfortunate tragedies in our communities. Most think boxing is about learning to fight but its so much more. Its about building confidence to handle situations with intelligence, pride, and wisdom.

Often keeping cool and talking through situations is exactly what happens between a fighter and his coach. The goal is to get better equipped to handle the situation.

Reach Out and Join

If you're interested in joining our program or have any questions please reach out to Coach Jason.


Our upcoming Spring 2023 program starts April 5 to May 31.

9 weeks of training held every Wednesday at 6:30pm at Lincoln Park.

Team Hazardous Logo

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