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10 Reasons Why Boxing Is Good For Kids

Parents may be concerned about their children taking boxing lessons since it is in fact, a brutal contact sport. With all the talk of concussions in football, boxing is similar yet different. Although there are risks, there are also tremendous benefits, and not everyone needs to take hits to the head to learn and enjoy boxing. This is especially true for kids. I have learned this more than ever as a boxing coach/trainer for the past couple of years.

I NEVER, EVER let my kids get hit. I barely let my teen and adults get physical contact until I feel they are truly ready and/or have a desire to compete.

My Coach Jim Wagner of Good Newz Boxing has always emphasized making a difference in the lives of children through boxing. Although I started training with him as an adult I too have gained confidence through the sport that I never received playing basketball. Not knocking other sports because all are great but a one on one sport is much different. You are literally performing alone when you spar or compete.

My list below outlines reasons why I think boxing is a good sport to enroll your children in.

1. Builds Confidence

Once your kid starts to learn and see the progress that they are making they will build up a lot of confidence in what they can do. Boxing for most is very familiar yet so foreign when you actually do it. Throwing punches can seem natural but it isn’t. The way you stand, using your weak hand primarily (in most cases), and the conditioning required to throw punches will surprise most. However, once you get it you feel great!

2. Physical Fitness

One of the best benefits of boxing is the physical fitness you get from it. You will be surprised that boxing is a full body workout. From the outside looking in you think of the primary use of your arms but you need strong legs and core (abs) to be your best.

3. Discipline

One of the key components of successful boxers and all athletes is discipline. Learning to dedicate yourself to something is big deal and can translate to other areas of your life. When kids learn this early in life it sets them up to be successful adults whether they compete or not.

4. Mental Toughness

Somewhat related to discipline but being mentally tough is a bit different. Sometimes things are not going your way and the ability to continue to try your best is crucial to the process. With diligence you can turn around adversity and pull out a win. This is valuable to kids as a life lesson.

5. One on One: Accountability

When you’re in the ring with your sparring partner or opponent there are no teammates to share the responsibility of a success or failure. It’s solely on how hard you’ve trained, your game plan, and your opponent. When kids learn accountability it’s good base for achieving their goals.

6. Teamwork

Although boxing is an individual sport when you are in the gym with your fellow boxers there is a team effort. Everyone is trying to get better and help the next guy do their best whether for everyday life or competition. In my gym we cheer each other on and support the learning process. Each one of my students are responsible for helping someone who is new or less experienced than they are.

7. Self Defense

Bullying has been a big topic as of late and learning to defend yourself can aid in minimizing this. I am not advocating violence but I am protecting oneself from getting hurt. In worst case scenario if you can neutralize the situation by defending yourself the attacker will have two options: Either back off or risk getting hurt also.

8. Learning Skills

Boxing is like riding a bike, once you learn you have the skill for life. You can eventually compete in amateur tournaments, go professional, teach others, etc. Or the love of the sport can take you into being a referee, ring announcer, or other related areas.

9. Respect Others

If your kid happens to be the overly aggressive type but has never been tested by other kids, he/she might learn to have more respect for others since boxing is one on one. Doesn’t mean they need to get hit but watching others taking punches live might change their ways.

10. Bragging Rights

Your kid will usually be the rare student who doesn’t join only football, basketball, baseball, or other sports since boxing is generally not offered in schools in the United States. He might be the coolest kid in school because of it.

So let me know what you think. Are you a boxer, parent, or interested in learning the sport? Feel free to reach out to me.

My name is Coach Jason Logan. I’m a USA Boxing Registered Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, and MMA Practitioner in the Northern New Jersey area (Jersey City/Bayonne, NJ). You can learn more about me by visiting my website I have boxing gear and apparel for sale and your support would be much appreciated. You can contact me at

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